Live. Independently.

How We Help

relearn. reinvent. reconnect. at home.

In the weeks and months following a life-changing injury or event, one of the greatest challenges for many individuals is to relearn some of the daily life skills that make it possible to live independently. With a bit of creative collaboration, it’s possible to break through perceived barriers and discover new ways to accomplish tasks.

By taking steps to reinvent living and work environments as well as daily routines, opportunities for success multiply. It’s also important to reconnect with the community – to people, places and passions that matter. When individuals have support and feel valued, they’re far more likely to achieve goals and gain confidence.

Customized, consumer-driven rehabilitation therapy  – that takes place in your home and community – makes it possible to relearn, to reinvent and to reconnect – paving the way for continued progress.

When individuals are at the center of every decision and interaction related to their rehabilitation, they are far more likely to thrive and lead rewarding lives in their communities.

Our team offers rehabilitation therapy services and solutions for:

  • individuals. If you are living with physical and/or cognitive challenges as a result of an accident, injury or illness, Minds Matter, llc, can help you step forward. If you can dream it, we can help you make it happen.
  • family and friends. If someone you care about is adjusting to life with TBI or cognitive and/or physical disabilities, Minds Matter, llc, can help you build skills to support your loved one’s independent lifestyle.

iStock_000025922378MediumPayment for therapies and services from Minds Matter comes from:

  • Private insurance
  • Medicaid (KanCare programs such as Amerigroup, United Healthcare, and Sunflower State Health Plan)
  • Private pay
  • Kansas Rehab Services for employment related goals

We work with each individual and family to determine available benefits and ensure that you get the therapies and services that you’re eligible to receive.

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