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Brain Injury Information Resources

BIA of Kansas & Greater KC

Brain Injury Association of America

Brain Injury Dialogues
This is a website for information on a documentary film by Lyell Davies and Rick Franklin on brain injuries. It Airs Nationally on PBS beginning February 2011.

Brain Injury Guide
This site has been designed for persons who have experienced a brain injury of any type, their family members, medical professionals seeking more information and anyone who seeks assistance for memory problems, cognitive problems or behavioral issues.

Brain Injury Information Network

Brain Injury Law
The Brain Injury Law Group focuses on representing individuals with TBI. This site will help provide you with helpful information and can help walk you through the process of sorting through TBI law, social security and other facets, as well as finding a the best lawyer to represent you.

Brain Injury Learning Services
Learning Services’ programs are designed to provide specialized support for adults with brain injuries in a real life setting. They provide many kinds of rehabilitation and therapies, as well as community involvement and supported living.

Brain Line
Provides information, stories, helpful links and a comprehensive library of articles about TBI. The site includes special sections for people with TBI, their families and friends, and the professionals who work with them. With new information featured each week, the site is designed to be a helpful place where people can gather information, learn about new research, and find a community of support and hope.

Coma Information

Kansas Social & Rehabilitative Services

LA Publishing

Lifespan Institute – KU
research, information and guidelines on a number of developmental and acquired disabilities.

National Organization on Disability
List of resources for employment, transportation, emergency preparedness and general resources for people with disabilities

National Resource Center for TBI

TBI model system – University of Washington
Eight-section TBI education series from the University of Washington, available online in its entirety.

TBI Survival Guide
This is a great resource for everyone, and it is very informative and easy to understand.


The Perspectives Network